Upper PU Casting

This type of PU is designed for being Iaminated with a wide-range of substrates (textiles or leathers) through heat. This eco-friendly material has good physical properties such as lightweight, anti-slip, flexible, and abrasion resistance... etc.   Major Material Product Code: A-3108/A-2713 series Major Material Product Code: B-2108/B-8922 series  

PU Elastomer

The PU elastomer can be cured under room temperature. A wide-range of hardness is available. Moreover, this is the ideal material for the alternative shoe-molds used in Upper and sole assembly, industrial wheels and in-line skates.   Category: Genetic type (green color & yellow color) & Eco type (green color only)  

PU Gel

A variety of hardness and UV resistance are available. The typical softness, high elastic and anti-slip characters made it so popular in anti-slip, shock-absorption shoes-pads, medical accessories, and rehabilitation uses.   Major Material Product Code: P-320A series Major Material Product Code: UV-I-320 series  

PU Foam

We have a selection of PU Foam material with a range of density-choices and functions. Also offers customized-options to feed different industrial needs.   Category: Polyester type, Polyether type  

PU Additives

Anti-yellowing Agent, Release Agent.